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🦟 Small stylish Lamp with smooth UV Trap Light, recommended for your garden, office or home ⚡

Bcamelys Mosquito Killer Lamp Product Review

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I bought the Bcamelys Mosquito Killer Lamp because I needed a fly killer for my garden. I was quite happy with the results as the item did what it had to do. Besides, the lamp came nicely packed and does not take space at home and in the garden. The device is easy to use all you have to do is plug the small USB cable to any power source or use a power bank. Please note the product does not come with a charge powerhead so I recommended you buy one or use a power bank as I did.

What I like about the device is the smooth light and how it works quietly and catches small flies in the garden. The device can be used in the office, home or garden or anywhere you want. I used the device mainly in my garden and some part of my home because I already had another fly killer lamp. I will furthermore, suggest you buy a strong power bank if you don’t want to use your home power or need to use the device somewhere else.

The advantages of the device is that is portable and you can move it anywhere you want and when the dead flies are killed you can simply remove the lid by rotating the small bin/base and dispose of the dead flies. Conclusion, I will suggest you buy the product for killing small flies in your kitchen, restaurants, study room, bedroom or garden. Or if you want to kill flies with a powerful fly killer I will recommend you buy the “FLY-BYE” killer that kills small and big flies.

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