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Stunning Sparking Glitter Desk Mirror, for Your Home, Travelling, Office, Elegant Beauty Gift

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

DERUI CREATION Mirror Product Review

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I wanted to buy a portable mirror for mum to keep on her makeup desk and the DERUI CREATION mirror was the correct choice. The mirror is small and shiny glittering on the base and back. The advantages of the mirror are the top rotates “360 Spin” allowing you position required. The item is small with a height of 8.2 inches and width 3.5inch. The products are available in various colours, black, pink, violet and white. I bought the violet mirror and was surprised at how lovely the mirror was because of the shiny glittering.

The product was mainly used at home, but the product can be put on your handbag or suitcase or when putting makeup in a different location. I will recommend the product to anyone who likes beauty products or want to try something new. Also, I will suggest you buy the product because of the product style and compatibility.

The product adding up can be used anywhere when travelling to put your makeup on assuring you that you have enough space for your products. Furthermore, the product packaging is superb, the product came in a stylish black box, safely stored allowing the product to be delivered. Please note the product has an option from Amazon to add a delivery note or gift wrap. When the present is delivered to the customer you will a wish text “From the perfect mirror, Find the perfect you”.

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