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High quality Back Hyper Extension Bench for back, core and upper leg muscle workouts with height adjustable waist pads and leg pads, made from green and black steel. 

Back Extension Bench

XL Item - This item is not available for delivery to out of zone areas including Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands.

These impressive Back Extension Benches are made to last, and are an ideal addition to any home gym set up. The bench allows you to target and strengthen the muscles in your back, as well as improving your core strength.

Using the Back Hyper Extension Bench

These benches provide great support for back and core exercises. To use the bench you lie on your front on the bench, with the padded cushion set at and just below your waist. This is height adjustable, so you can ensure that the cushion is at your most suitable position. Your feet should be placed securely on the foot plates, with the padded leg guards against your calf muscles, holding your legs in place. The leg pads can be placed in 2 different height positions, so you can again ensure you are working in a comfortable and safe position. Starting with your body in a straight line, you can now perform back extensions by lowering your upper body to a suitable angle, before bringing it back up again to the straightened position.

Heavy Duty

These Hyper Extension Benches are made from steel, to give you a support bench you can trust. Strong fittings are included to ensure it remains stable when in use, which is further cemented with the addition of non-slip rubber feet (also included). The max user weight is 120kg, and the frame is set at a 45 degree angle for an optimal training position.

Back Hyper Extension Bench Specifications

  • Steel construction with padded cushion supports
  • Non-slip rubber feet and fittings included
  • Max user weight 120kg
  • Total height of bench adjustable from 71cm - 86cm
  • Distance from top of waist pads to footplate adjustable from 87cm - 115cm
  • Floor space dimensions 120cm x 70cm

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Back Hyper Extension Bench | Home Essentials UK

SKU: New-TB-2020 - BAK-EXT-BCH
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