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TEK-7000 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set


These outstanding keyboard and mouse sets are ideal for high intensity gamers and efficiency driven executives alike. The keyboard allows for 15 recordable macro commands and both devices have a colourful LED backlight. They're quick to set up and do not require batteries, so you can get going in no time.


Macro Commands

The Keyboard allows you to record up to 15 macro functions, which can be used for opening programmes, inserting commonly typed phrases and so much more. There are 5 macro keys, which when used in conjunction with the 3 profile keys allows you to record up to 15 unique commands.


An instruction manual is included to help you do set these up, and to make sure you get the most out of your keyboard. There are also a series of additional keys which allow you to control your music and lighting options at the touch of a button.


LED Backlight

Both the keyboard and the mouse have an LED backlight which make your keyboard really stand out. They keyboard lighting has 4 different brightness options, as well as 7 different colour choices. You can either choose to leave it constantly on one colour, or you can elect to have it scroll through all the colours with an smooth breathing effect. The mouse is also backlit, with a smooth breathing effect cycling through 4 colours.


Other Features


The keyboard and mouse combo are packed full of other features to ensure that it remains comfortable and easy to use throughout. A pair of keyboard supports can be folded out on the back to allow you to tilt the keyboard at an angle. The keyboard is complete with 120 keys which are arranged in the familiar QWERTY layout. Both the keyboard and the mouse have an ergonomic design to allow for comfortable, effortless use, and the USB connection provide all power so no batteries are required.


Keyboard Specifications

  • - 120 Keys in QWERTY (English GB) format.
  • - LED backlit in 7 colours: white, red, green, blue, yellow, light blue and purple.
  • - 4 LED backlight brightness levels
  • - USB Connection provides power, so no batteries required.
  • - 2 foldable keyboard supports
  • - 5 Macro keys with 3 macros profiles allowing for 15 pre-set commands
  • - Media control using media keys


Mouse Specifications

  • - 7 buttons including scroll wheel and forward and back buttons.
  • - LED backlight with breathing effect of 4 colours
  • - DPI button allows you to cycle through 1200, 1600, 2400 and 3200 options during games.



TEK-7000 Computer Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set

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