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Twin Dog Lead with Handle - Red - gives you the ability to have twice the adventure with half the hassle. 

Twin Dog Lead with Handle - Red

Twin Dog Lead with Handle – Red is the ideal solution for taking your dogs on their favourite walks. Our Twin Dog Lead with Handle makes it safe, convenient and comfortable to walk up to 2 dogs. Whether you are taking them on a short walk, adventures through the woods, to get some fresh air and exercise, the Twin Dog Lead with Handle provides a reliable connection between you and your canine companions and helps you be ready for whatever your dogs need.

Twice the Adventure

This Twin Dog Lead gives you the ability to have twice the adventure with half the hassle. It is designed to comfortably accommodate those with more than one dog. The 360 swivel rotation clip allows your playful pooches to go any direction they please without tangling the lead or getting wrapped round each other - or you! Your dogs will have full movement letting them feel comfortable and confident on any terrain or in any weather.


With a robust padded handle, any walk with the Twin Dog Lead becomes a breeze. The extra padding and soft feel on the handle protects your hand from blisters, strains and other injuries if you dogs pull. The extra comfort means you are prepared for any walk no matter how long or wherever it may take you. No more cutting short your adventures with you canine companions. You will find that with the Twin Dog Lead with Handle you will enjoy the walks almost as much as your dogs!

In Control

The strong rope design enables you to have complete control no matter the terrain or weather. With the 360 rotations clips your dog will have full movement, reducing tangles and allowing you to stay in charge. The robust handle is durable and comfortable letting you keep grasp on your two dogs without restricting them. The Twin Dog Lead is split at 28cm and gives each of your dogs 110cm of independent rope. The shorter split gives you better control while giving enough lead for your dogs to explore comfortably. The twin colour rope design gives you confidence and comfort on your walks while letting you and your dog look like superstars.

Twin Dog Lead with Handle - Red Specifications

  • Strong and Durable
  • Stylish Design
  • Suitable for 2 dogs
  • Comfortable Padded Handle
  • Flexible Swivel Ring Connection
  • Dimensions: Full length: 138cm, 1cm thick. Handle: 12cm

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Twin Dog Lead with Handle - Red | Home Essentials UK

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