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Comfortable Travelling Memory Foam Pillow with carrying case with free Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

FYLINA Travel Pillow | Product Review

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I wanted to buy a product to give me support when sleeping during my travelling and the Fylina Travel pillow was the correct choice. The Fylina Travel pillow is recommended because of the product quality, the pillow is large and even has a pocket to store your controls or mobile phone. The pillow is soft and is warm, I tried the product when sleeping and relaxing and I have no complains as the product helps me sleep better.

The product came in a black travel bag to store the pillow, a sleeping mask and memory foam earplugs. When I first unwrap the product, I thought the product was small, then I opened the pillow and the foam expanded. The product, in addition, has a soft memory foam to help with neck problems.

The neck warmer also has a lock that you use to prevent the pillow to move. To prevent the product from falling simply put the two lock together and press the string to adjust to the neck. Please note to avoid feeling pain adjust the string to the correct position to avoid the neck been too tight.

The product is recommended for travelling, relaxing the item has a travelling bag case to store the pillow. To store the pillow gently roll the product to the bag and pull the black string. The pillowcase is washable, but as suggested by the seller the foam is not washable.

The adjustable sleeping mask is comfortable, and the memory foam earplugs are soft. The sleeping mask can be used when travelling or when relaxing. I have used the mask a couple of times when I put the product it blocks everything allowing me to relax. The earplugs work as required it blocks sounds in the background. One of the advantages of the earplugs is that a small plastic box is provided to store the product.

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