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Product Review on: LEVIN USB Desk Cooling Fan

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LEVIN USB Desk Cooling Fan for Prams - Portable Mini Clip on Fan Cooling Quiet, Adjustable and Rechargeable with 4400mA Battery, Ideal for Home, Office and Outdoor (Max 43 Hours)

  • 😎 - [MULTI-FUNCTION FAN] The desk cooling fan and desktop quiet fan are integrated, it is easy to carry and store, can be placed or clipped to any position you want, can be rotated by 360° vertically and horizontally, is ideal for strollers, homes and offices, laptop, gym exercising, outdoor, camping, travel, etc.

  • 😎 - [43-HOUR-WORKING-TIME] After the upgrade, two rechargeable lithium batteries with safety certification are used to make the total capacity of 4400mA. Charging time is only 4 hours, and it can be for using for 6 to 43 hours after fully charged (depending on different wind speeds). Equipped with a USB charging cable, you can charge the fan through a computer, laptop, mobile power, USB charger, mobile phone adapter, car charger, etc.

  • 😎 - [STEPLESS SPEED REGULATION & SILENT OPERATION] With high quality brushless motor, the maximum wind speed can reach up to 10.5ft/s with high speed and low noise (≤ 40dB) which is smaller than the sound of flipping books. The control dial with large speed selection allows you to switch easily. There are no specific limits on the wind speed setting! With stepless speed regulation, you can adjust the wind speed to the most comfortable wind speed according to your own feelings.

  • 😎 - [POWER BANK FUNCTION] Being portable, lightweight and flexible, it can be used as a portable power bank to power mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods and other devices. A separate IC that charges the mobile power supply does not affect the normal operation of the usb fan. Suitable for camping out, picnicking, and emergency use when traveling.

  • 😎 - [AROMA DIFFUSER FUNCTION] With 2 water-absorbing sponges, you can add aromatherapy or mosquito repellent, put it on the back of the desk fan, relax or drive away mosquitoes. LEVIN offers you a 24-hour professional service center with a 30-day full refund, a 12-month quality warranty and technical support of 365 days.

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Product description


Why Choose LEVIN USB Desk Cooling Fan?

Compact and Portable

With size of 8.2*5.7*3.7 inch (21*14.5*9.5cm), it is easy to carry and store, and can also be used as a power bank for emergency use. You can enjoy a comfortable cool breeze at home, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the library, in the dorms, in the outdoor camp, and on the road.

360° Rotating Design

The LEVIN Clip Fan can be rotated up and down and left and right by 360°, so you can choose the angle that suits you best, you are provided with a maximum comfort and coolness.

Sturdy Base

The LEVIN USB Fan Base is ultra-sturdy; even if you adjust the wind to the maximum, the fan will stand firmly on the plane and stay still.

Firm Clip

The enhanced clip allows you to switch between this USB Fan to a clip fan. After thousands of experiments, the clamping force is strong enough to keep it stay still with no movement at all. You can clip the Fan to the bed, on the laptop, on the treadmill, on the stroller, etc.

Warm Tips:

1. Do not use the fan while charging;

2. Please remove the 18650 battery in USB mode;

3. If not used for a long time, please turn off the battery fan and remove the 18650 battery;

4. Children must be under the custody of the adults use.

Specification :

  • Battery: 2 x 18650 Lithium Battery(2200mA/piece)

  • Working Time: 6~43 Hours(depends on different speed settings)

  • Changing Time: 3~4 hours

  • Input Voltage: 5V

  • Output Voltage: 4~6V

  • Output Current: 0.35~1A

  • Power Rating: 3.5W(max speed), 1W(lowest speed)

  • Product Weight: 17oz(0.48kg)

  • Product Size: 8.2*5.7*3.7 inch(21*14.5*9.5cm)

Package Content:

  • 1 x Battery Operated Clip Fan

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 2 x Foam Pad

  • 2 x Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery

  • 1 x User Manual

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My Review:

The Levin USB Cooling is recommended for your home, office and outdoor. On this occasion I purchased the product because of the heat and I was surprised how good the product was because it was very quiet. In addition, the fan has an adjustable turning to adjust the fan speed.

The came with two batteries that allowed me to use the fan without charging the device. The fan was left for eight hours and it was working perfectly left at a minimum speed.

Then fan has additional USB port to charge your device when you go out. Suitable for camping out, picnicking, and emergency use when travelling. The Levin USB Cooling Fan images are below charging some devices via the power bank.

Product Link:
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