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These 65cm Pink Exercise Balls are the ideal addition to your training kit, helping you to target core and balance goals effectively. They can be used for rehab, physio, balance and core training. 

Pink Yoga Exercise Ball

These versatile Exercise Balls are the ideal addition to your training kit, helping you to target core and balance goals effectively. They are available in a range of sizes and colours to make sure you get the right one for your exercises and routines.

Strength, Support, Stability and Balance

Using a stability ball adds an extra dimension to your workout, requiring your core stabiliser muscles to engage enabling you to balance and become steady whilst performing a whole host of exercises available to you on the ball. Not only are they great for building back strength and core strength, they are also very versatile throughout your workout and daily life.

Balance and Core Training

Core workouts are first on the list, with the ball allowing you to perform a multitude of abdominal and back strengthening exercises. They can also be used in place of a chair; you can sit on one of our exercise balls instead of a chair to aid posture and reduce slumping - a great way of sneaking some extra balance training into your daily life! The more you use it the more your muscle memory and core strength will improve helping you to sit taller, which can also help to relieve back tension.

Versatile Bit of Kit

The exercise ball can serve as an alternative to a standard weight bench. You can perform most free weight exercises from the ball, which extends the benefits of your workouts. They can also be used as a birthing ball, helping you to find comfort by sitting on or leaning over the ball through pregnancy and birth. They are also ideal for a range of yoga, pilates, rehabilitation and physio exercises.

Hear Wearing Equipment

Made from durable PVC, these balls are made to last. Anti-burst properties ensure that it will never pop, but should it encounter a puncture it will deflate slowly and safely to avoid injury.

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65cm Yoga Exercise Ball - Pink | Home Essentials UK

SKU: New-TB-2020 - YGO-BAL-65CM-PNK
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