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Twin Dog Lead with Waste Bag Pouch making your walks safe, convenient and comfortable. The perfect option for up to two dogs. 

Twin Dog Lead with Waste Bag Pouch

Twin Dog Lead with Waste Bag Pouch is the ideal option for taking your dogs on their favourite walks. Our Twin Dog Lead makes it safe, convenient and comfortable to walk up to 2 dogs. Whether you are taking them on a short walk, adventures through the woods, to get some fresh air and exercise, the Twin Dog Lead provides a reliable connection between you and your canine companions and helps you be ready for whatever your dogs need.

Double the Fun

The Twin Dog Lead is designed for those who have more than one dog. It has a dual splitter that lets you take up to two dogs out at once without compromise. With three 360 rotation clips your dogs have will have full movement, solving the problem of a tangled leash making your walk a breeze. The double leash is adjustable allowing you and your dogs to enjoy more freedom without compromise to security or comfort. You can easily use this lead as a single one for one dog or attach the twin splitter to walk two.

Comfortable Control

The Twin Dog lead provides two padded handles reduces friction and makes the lead more comfortable when the dogs pull or for those extra long walks. The Dual padded handle lets you remain in control and guide your dogs without risking injury to your hand. Having both a long and short handle allows you to control the walk. Extend your reach and let your dog have a greater rein to explore with the longer handle or use the shorter one to pull the dogs to your side and be able to guide them over any tricky terrain or difficult situation. The reflective stitching increases safety at night reducing the chance of injury to you or your pooch. The reflective function increases your visibility when crossing or walking in the road.

Waste Bag Pouch

Our Twin Dog Lead comes with a waste bag pouch attached. This waste bag is easily removed to attach to other items of clothing, leads or left at home. It is perfectly suited for carrying your extra accessories such as bags, treats or keys - freeing up your hands to give your greater control and comfort.

Twin Dog Lead with Waste Bag Pouch Specifications

  • Able to take up to 2 dogs
  • Adjustable
  • 360° rotation clip
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Dimensions: Single lead: 158cm, shorter handle: 56cm. Twin Lead: 40cm each. Approximate Total Length: 2m. Pouch 12cm x 5cm x 5cm.

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Twin Dog Lead with Waste Bag Pouch | Home Essentials UK

SKU: New-TB-2020 - DGL-FF-BLK
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