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Amazing Portable CD Player Bild in with HiFi Speakers Audi Boombox with Multiple Playing Formats 🎵

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Letaocity Portable CD Player with Bluetooth | Product Review

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The reason I bought the LeTao City Portable CD Player is that I wanted something unique and something different. In addition, I wanted a portable that would allow me to play in various formats, including mp3, FM-Radio, USB Port and CDs. Furthermore, I did not want to buy an expensive speaker that will take up lots of space. The LeTao City Portable CD Player provided tools to hang the device in your wall and small Removable legs so you can move the item anywhere.

What I like about the device is how easy you can use it and at the same time listen to my favourite music via Bluetooth. I also like how you can play music via USB Port and listen to the radio in such a small device. I tested the CD Player and works with no problems when you want to use the device simply press the eject button and the lid will open.

The product comes with a remote control that allows you to control the device with various functions. Including connecting to your Bluetooth equipment, USB, CD or FM Radio. Other functions include skipping, pausing, volume your music and stop play and even selected CD Track.

The product is recommended for anyone who likes music or any occasion including giving as a gift or just to show to someone you care about them. The product, in addition, is suggested to be used while doing Yoga, Dancing and Partying or office use. The product speaker loud so you can be assured everyone will have fun while using the device.

Final Verdict

1. Great portable device.

2. Great for cinemas movies.

3. HD sound – Built HI-FI Speaker

4. The device can play various formats/device including USB, MP3, FM Radio and CDs.

5. Large LCD Light to let you know the device is on and menu you are using.

6. Quick and easy to use.

7. Large buttons on top of the device to use or simply use the remote control provided.

8. Great for parties, working out, dancing that can fit in a small bag without taking so much space.

9. Connects to Bluetooth devices quickly.

10. You can connect via Aux to your device or connect your Headphone to listen straight to your CD Player.

11. Multiple installations, mount wall installation, stand on the desk/table

12. Place under a cabinet.

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