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💡 Pocket Hand Warmer Review 🤗

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

U-MISS Rechargeable Hand Warmers, 6000mAh Electric Portable Pocket Hand Warmer/Power Bank (Black)

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(Currently Not available)

Link to alternative Rechargeable Hand Warmers

I needed a product for the cold weather and my hands felt cold while waiting for the bus, the U-MISS Rechargeable Hand Warmer was the correct choice. I usually wear gloves but wanted to try something new and was surprised by how fast the product warms your hands.

The product, in addition, has different temperatures “40” that is the lowest “50” is medium and “60” is the highest. The device is easy to use simply hold the “black button” and the LED lights will turn on when the gadget turn on select the temperature you want. Please note when the device is on the default temperature is “60” that is very hot so please be careful when using the product.

The advantages of the product are that the device is portable allows you to charge other devices on the go. The handwarmer also has LED Flashlight that can be used in the night for your garden, bedroom or when looking for something. Other things I like about the product is the packaging because it came a small box with the product instructions, storage bag and a charging cable “Micro USB”.

I will recommend the product for this cold weather or any occasion. In addition, the product would be a great gift for everyone. Also, feel free to contact customer service, they are fast and will solve any issues you have.

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Link to the product:

(Currently Not available)

Link to alternative Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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