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Amazing Workout Wireless Earbuds Headphones with Portable Charging Case.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020


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I needed some wireless headphones that hold for the gym and Yineme earphones were the correct choice. The product came in a stylish case that allows you to charge the device on the go. What I like about the headphones are the small hooks that allow the earbuds to stay secure on your ears. When you charge the headphones, you can see a green light. In addition, when you want to put the device back to charging case please place the right earbud to the “letter R” and left earbud to the “Letter L”.

The advantage of the device is the signal, I tried the product in my office, work, kitchen, living room while walking and sitting down. The results were superb the headphones do not lose signal, not like previous devices tested the make noise or the music fades. The second advantage of the product is that you can listen to music and make calls like a Bluetooth Headset.

The third advantage of the product is the flexibility, the headphones can be easily adjusted and won’t fall off. Please note extra earbuds are provided to match your ears. Other advantages are the battery life because you can be assured that you never run out battery. I listened to music at work from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm taking breaks and most headphones last around to noon Approx 5 hours.

The sound quality is superb, the audio is clear and provides noise cancelling with bass boost for each earbud. In addition, when listening to music you won’t be disappointed because you get a crystal Hifi stereo sound. The headphones work perfectly when making calls the sound is clear and the receiver can hear you properly. The charging case can also be attached to your bag with the small strap on of the case.

Other multiple features compatible with the device are you can play/pause your music, press the button to previous/next to your music, answer/ or hang up and even put the volume up or down. The device was tested with my iPhone 6, I had no problem connecting my phone to the headphones. To pair the device please remove the earbuds from the case and make sure your Bluetooth is on. The device will automatically connect when you select the model of the device on your mobile/device setting.

Conclusion, I will recommend the product to anyone who wants to buy a high-quality product as a gift or just to treat themselves. In addition, the customer service team are superb please free to ask them any questions.

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Similar Product Link

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