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🕺🤙😁Beshoop Wireless Earpiece for iPhone, Android, PC Bluetooth Headset 5.0 Product Review 🤔🎶🎧

Stylish Bluetooth Headset with Noise Cancelling for Business or Personal use.

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The Beshoop Bluetooth Headset is recommended for anyone who speaks on the phone for a long time or wants to listen on the go. I wanted to buy a Bluetooth device that allowed to speak while walking and while sitting in the office. The Beshoop was the correct option, the headset can easily be adjusted for both of your ears. To adjust the headset for the left and right simply rotate the device with the instructions provided and gently put the device in your ear.

The battery life of the headset is superb, I only charge the product once and the battery lasts for a long time. The device battery I will say lasted Approx two weeks or more. However, you can see the battery life when you connect to device “Phones only”.

The device can connect quickly. I used my iPhone 6 Plus and I had no problems connecting to my device. I simply turn the device and paired the headset, please note to turn the device on and off please slide the on/off button at the back. Adding, up please hold the middle button for 6 seconds to pair. The headset allows you to put the volume up or down and even skip your songs by long-pressing the volume + or using volume – to skip to the next song.

In addition, when using the device, the has a built speaker that allowed me to speak with confidence and the recipient to listen to what I’m saying clearly. What I liked about the product is the security stylish look and how the product came nicely packed and safely stored in the storage case provided. Furthermore, a Micro USB cable is provided to charge your headset.

I will recommend anyone to buy the Bluetooth Headset as a gift, business, personal use or other specials occasions.

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