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🕺🎧🎶Orit Bluetooth Headphones product review😎😲😍

Stylish Wireless Bluetooth Compact Stereo Cancelling Headphones with 40H Playtime

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I wanted to buy new headphones to listen to music and the Orit Bluetooth headset was the correct choice. In addition, I wanted to buy a high-quality with crystal sound and the product did what it described.

What I liked about the headphones is the style and the portable case to hold earphones. When charging your device, you can see the power display on how long you have left and even when using the product. The device can easily be connected, I used my iPhone 6 and my PC, I did not have any issues while pairing. To charge the device please us the “TYPE-C-Cable” provided in the box.

One of the advantages of the headset is the auto-on feature when you take the device of the case the earbuds will turn and get paired. Another advantage of the product is the noise cancelling when you are listing to music because it blocks all the noise in the background.

The battery lasts for the whole day, depending on how much you use the product. I used the headphones for the whole day while taking breaks. The charging case comes in handy allowing to charge the earbuds on the go. The charging case is recommended to charge for 1H. However, I will suggest you charge the case until you see 100%.

Other advantages are how the device is easy to operate with smart touch control built. The device has built-in smart touch allowing you to control your device. The options include answering, volume up, volume down, next, previous, pausing, reject, hang up and play your music.

I will recommend to anyone to buy the product because of the product quality and product features. The sound quality is superb and the for the price I will guaranty you won’t be disappointed. In addition, the product packaging excellent. The box contains the earplugs, various ear size heads, the charging case and the product instructions and other items.

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Similar products available (Product currently not available)

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