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EKUPUZ Portable Personal Massage Gun Handled Gun for Muscle Tension

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

EKUPUZ Portable Personal Massage Gun Handled Gun for Muscle Tension - Product Review

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I will recommend the EKUPUZ Massage Gun because of the product quality and how the items are nicely packed. Also, I like the product because is easy to use and how it provides different heads allow the user to massage different body parts. The product is conformable and does fall while using the device that is an advantage and is conformable.

What I also like about the product is how is nicely packed in the small bag/case. This is an advantage because the device can be taken anywhere or stored without taking so much space. Another advantage of the device when using the product is battery life. I used the device for approx. four weeks and the battery was still 99 per cent. The product was mainly used when I went to the gym and when I came tired from work and I was happy with the results. The results were acceptable because the machine gently massaged the pain and relaxed the muscles.

The product provides instructions on how to use the product and a charger please not the charger is not long and, but you can leave the item to charge unless you have an extension cable. However, I will suggest you use the device while is fully charge so you can be safe and avoid any accidents.

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