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Product Review on: Desk Lamps Book Reading Bedside Light

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

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Desk Lamps Book Reading Bedside Lights - Clip Light with Flexible Neck, Touch Sensitive Control 3 Brightness, Eye-protect Night Light and Rechargeable LED Lamps for E-Reader, Music Stand(White)

  • ❥ This clip led lamp is built-in high-capacity and long-life chargable battery, safe, energy - saving, environmentally friendly, convenient.

  • ❥ Touch Sensor Switch is applied to this clip study lights, and it has 3 - levels of different brightness: single touch gives lowest brightness, double touches medium and three touches the strongest.

  • ❥ This USB clip lamp features a widened clamp with silicone anti-slip pad at the very bottom of its base. This makes sure your lamp wont slip from its place .

  • To improve your experience furthermore, this lamp features a silicone wrapped metal gooseneck. The neck can be adjusted any way you feel comfy without uttering a sound.

  • ❥ 360° METAL HOUSE:Flexible Neck suitable for use in office, bedroom, school, and reading.attach to bookshelf , music stand , cabinet , headboard and other places firmly and conveniently.

  • ❥ MULTI-USE CLIP- Adjustable clip up to 2.36 inch, Great for Bedside, Reading, Book, Work Tables, E-Reader, Mixing Tables, Computer Desks, Craft Tables and Much More.Extra Strong Clip Grips Almost Anything or Use it Standing.Mospro provide 60-day money back guarantee and 12 - month replacement warranty.

My Review:

The Desk lamp was a great gadget with its 3-touch control allowing me to select the brightness I wanted.

The lamp has a clip allowing you to clip the lamp on the desk or just leave like a normal lamp on the table.

In addition, the Lamp came with a USB cable to charge the lamp in your laptop/ computer if preferred, when charging you can adjust the lamp to your ideal location.

I like the style of the lamp is suitable to use anywhere I tested the lamp in my office and my home.

The charging is fast, but the recommended charge is eight hours "Or less," I left my light on for the rest of the night and the lamp lasted for the whole night.

Product Link:
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