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Stunning Magical Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with Led Lights - Humidifier with Fan and Lamp

Maggica Aroma Diffuser | Product Review

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I wanted to buy a Humidifier for my spare room to keep my room moist and fresh. The Maggica Aroma diffuser was the correct choice. The product is small and unique and works perfectly during the night producing fine mist. In addition, what I like about the product is the LED with the Circle shape that changes when you turn the power on.

The product has two extra items a fan and light that can be connected to the diffuser. The fan allows to keep cool while using the product, I turn the diffuser on but switch it off because the water was flying. However, you can keep it on to keep your room fresh and clear. A light was also included that allows you to see things at night or when reading books.

The product can be easily operated by anyone, to turn the device on press the sun button (1) to start the diffuser press the wave button (2). In addition, to change the light press sun button (1) and to change the diffuser speed press the wave button (2).

To put water on the product, please turn counterclockwise to unscrew the top cover. The second thing to do put water until the max line and connect close the cover making sure the water is straight and alight to the power buttons.

To get the device to work connect the USB cable to your power adapter and press the correct buttons. Please note to make the fan and light to work please press the sun button (1) and you can see the fan spin, or the light turns on. Kindly connect the extras to the port behind the diffuser and take them off gently to replace the item. Please note you don’t have to put oil to the product you can use the product as a humidifier.

Lastly, I will recommend the product to anyone who wants to keep healthy and wants to have something different. I will also suggest you get the product because of the quality, style and how easy the product can be used. The product can be used at home, nurses, when doing exercise or relaxing. Furthermore, the product is not just a diffuser it can be used as a fan, lamp to read or just to use the LED lights for decorations.

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