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Stylish Portable Digital Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker with Various Product Features

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

HowiseAcc Digital Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker – Product Review

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I needed an alarm clock for my bedroom and the Yayusi was the correct choice. The clock is recommended because is small and stylish and has a lot of product features. The digital alarm has a large LED Display Screen that allows you to see the time, temperature and connected menu.

The device can be used as Power bank, FM radio, Music player with a Micro SD Card and even a makeup mirror. The product also can be used as a power bank. I was surprised how the battery lasts for a long time I left the alarm clock without charging for two days and the battery percentage was still and 71%.

The clock has various buttons that allow you to easily use the device. The buttons allow you to put the volume up and down, power on/off, mode switch and a track skipping button. The Bluetooth function works perfectly allowing to connect to my device. To connect to your device simply press the “M” button and select the Bluetooth function and connect via your device. When you are connected you will hear a beeping noise. Please note you will hear a noise when you select the Bluetooth.

I will recommend the product to anyone who loves technology, makeup artist, home, business or personal use.

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