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🕺 ⌚ The Willful Fitness tracker is great and is recommended for everyone. 😁😎

Willful Fitness Trackers | Product Review

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I ordered the blue watch, I really like the big display and the watch style.

In addition, you can track your daily activities including, call alerts, sitting alerts, alarm and social alerts and many more. The USB port is nice and portable, you can gently remove the belt and simply put it back when you finish charging the device.

The Product is compatible with Android and IOS, for this occasion I tried the watch on my iPhone. The app can be downloaded with the QR Code or Google Play by searching “VeryFitPro”.

Furthermore, the product packing amazing with a colourful box and all the accessories required

How to switch on the tracker?


How to switch on the tracker?

1) Please note that you need to charge it before you can start using.

2) Gently pull the strap in the side which says USB charging, refer the backside of the tracker to confirm.

3) Once the strap is pulled, you will see the USB strip.

4) Fix the strip into USB charging point.

5) It will give a vibrating beep releasing green colour signing the tracker is getting charged.

6) Give it a good time and you can see the battery indicator, wait until it reaches 100%.

7) Your watch is now good to use.


How to connect Fitness tracker to Bluetooth?

1) Connecting the Bluetooth was straight forward one.

2) Download the “VeryFitPro app” in Play store or use the QR code.

3) It automatically turns on Bluetooth and starts scanning for nearby devices.

4) Just tap the menu button in your fitness tracker

5) You can find the tracker in your APP. Click to bind the fitness tracker to the app.

6) Enter your stats and you are good to go.


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